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Is working from home the new normal?

Is working from home the new normal?

Covid-19 has put us in uncharted territory.  Business borders are now fluid and porous.  Working from home is no longer reserved for the select few! It’s here to stay across the global enterprise and is the new normal for the entire workforce and customer base. CEO’s and CIO’s are being forced to re-frame and broaden IT service delivery to include remote constituencies now for all functions as an addition to a permanent work environment. It all starts with security at your end points and with your connection to enterprise data, software, and services.  This is well summarized in the recent posting by Michaele James at CFO’s to Go.  

Cyber 631’s perspective is even if your Cyber Security was in good shape before – that may no longer be the case! ALL ENDPOINTS and WEB ACCESS MUST BE SECURED.

  • Remote web access can put you at risk for cyber crime
  • Cloud based service provider security only as good as the remote access end point security
  • Your remote or mobile sites all must have up to date firewall, anti-malware, and end point security
  • Uniform approach to all locations, not just the office.
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