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Terms of Service

This is a description the Terms of Service between CYBER 631 INC. and subscriber, a business or practice located within the U.S.


Subscription in CYBER 631 includes the following services and products:

      1. Measuring and Scoring of Cyber risk – ISS/FICO ESS
        1. Initial Cyber Risk Assessment
        2. Score representing likelihood of a material breach within 12 months
        3. Assistance in developing a personalized cyber action plan
        4. Ongoing Monitoring of your FICO ESS


      1. Cyber Intrusion Detection and Protection Software 
        1. Network Protection
          1. Firewall
          2. Network Attack Protection
          3. Botnet Protection
          4. Banking and Payment Protection
        2. Computer Protection
          1. Real Time File System Protection
          2. Host Intrusion Prevention System
          3. Webcam Protection
          4. Mobile Device Protection
        3. Internet Protection
          1. Web Access
          2. Email Client Protection
          3. Anti-Spam Protection
          4. Anti-Phishing Protection


      1. Technical Assistance
        1. 24/7/365 Hotline if Cyber Intrusion is suspected
        2. Lead through resolution process
        3. Specialized counsel retained and on call to assist


      1. Access to the Cyber 631 Professional Community


      1. Seminars/Webinar sponsored by Cyber 631 and affiliates


      1. Cyber Information Center


      1. Help Desk for technical assistance with any cyber related issues


      1. Recommendations to improve your peace of mind including:
        1. Password Control software
        2. Review of new technology to defend against Cyber risks
        3. Others added on a regular basis


    1. Warranty of Performance – We are so confident in the Cyber 631 Subscription service that CYBER 631 INC. will match up to $25,000 of your Cyber Insurance claim payments to compensate you for your lost time and incidental costs to avoid protracted audit of expenses incurred in responding to a Cyber Intrusion.


Term of the Agreement – this is an annual Subscription, with payment committed for 12 months, at which time the term will continue month to month with continuing payments, with termination at the request of the subscriber after a 60 day notice period. Please note that changes in headcount may result in modification to the monthly charge to the subscriber per the pricing schedule below.


Subscription requirements:

·      You are a business or practice operating in the U.S.

·      You pay a monthly fee by ACH, Credit Card, or Check dependent on the size of your firm as follows:


Headcount1-56-10 11-2021-3031-5051-100  
Price per Month$199$299$399$499$599$699


The subscriber hereby acknowledges that they have accepted these terms of service and have read the CYBER 631 INC. Privacy Policy. Please note that these terms of service are subject to change.

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