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Endpoint Security is the Foundation to Cybersecurity

According to IDC, 70% of successful breaches originate from the endpoint. The JP Morgan breach, which exposed half of U.S. households and millions of small businesses, started with a compromised endpoint.  Endpoints are the weakest link in the enterprise network security. Endpoint devices include laptops, desktops, mobile devices, point-of-sale (POS) devices and IoT devices that connect to the network and access and/or process enterprise business data, including trusted members of the Supply Chain. The workplace is changing as businesses embrace digital transformation and a new way of working from anywhere and anytime, keeping sensitive data safe is growing the challenge for the enterprises.

For your peace of mind, consider adding Endpoint  protection such as ESET to your cybersecurity defense.  For the full article, visit https://securityboulevard.com/2020/02/endpoint-security-the-foundation-to-cybersecurity/

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