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CyberScout Partners with Cyber 631 to Provide Crucial Services to CPAs

CyberScout partners with Cyber 631 to deliver proactive and reactive breach consultation services to CPA firms. With a subscription to Cyber 631 cyber security package, small and medium-size CPA firms will gain access to CyberScout’s award-winning services, including 24/7 breach detection, protection and remediation, and access to specialized counsel.


SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA – May 14, 2019 – CyberScout is excited to announce a new partnership with Cyber 631, which provides a suite of cyber security services to small and medium-sized CPA firms.


With its comprehensive and time-tested array of cyber services, CyberScout is thrilled to extend its reach among the CPA firms currently registered with Cyber 631. The focus: breach consultation, both proactive and reactive. In a time when breaches and data compromise are on the rise along with the associated costs, this partnership is a big win.


“We are pleased to team with CyberScout, the industry leader in cyber security response and resolution,” said Cyber 631 President Jud Goldsmith. “CyberScout sets the standard for quick and efficient problem resolution, nipping it in the bud. These guys are amazing.”


Small and medium-size businesses are prime targets for cyber attacks because they often have fewer resources and practices in place to respond to sophisticated threats. Cyber attacks are becoming more costly for SMBs, too. The average cost due to damage or theft of IT assets jumped to more than $1 million and the average cost due to business disruption reached $1.2 million, according to the Ponemon Institute.


Under the new partnership, CPA firms with a Cyber 631 subscription will gain peace of mind with ongoing access to cyber security tools comparable to those used by Fortune 500 companies. Firms will have access to a 24/7 hotline if a cyber intrusion is suspected, guidance through the resolution process, and access to specialized counsel and additional services.


“CPA firms hold immense amounts of private data that paint a personal history of their clients, making them lucrative targets for cyber criminals,” said Chad Eaton, Chief Revenue Officer of CyberScout. “CyberScout is proud to partner with Cyber 631 to deliver the breach services these firms need and deserve.”


About Cyber 631
Based in Sausalito, CA, Cyber 631 provides a comprehensive suite of cyber security products and services for an monthly subscription fee to members of the accounting community and beyond, offering an affordable and comprehensive cyber security solutions package to small-medium size businesses. To learn more, visit www.Cyber631.com.


About CyberScout
Since 2003, CyberScout has set the standard for full-spectrum identity, privacy and data security services, offering proactive protection, education, and data theft resolution as well as breach preparedness and response. Serving approximately 17.5 million households worldwide and more than 770,000 businesses, CyberScout is offered globally by an ever-growing number of client partners. CyberScout combines extensive experience with high-touch service to help individuals, government and commercial clients minimize risk and maximize recovery. To learn more, visit www.CyberScout.com.

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