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Cyber Security Solutions

CYBER 631 is a subscription cyber security service for small to medium size firms comparable to protection found in the Fortune 500. What you get with this comprehensive package is:

  • ISS (FICO) Cyber Risk Score & Audit
  • Automated detection & protection
  • Remediation
  • 24 / 7 / 365 Emergency Response
  • On-Call Legal & Consulting Professionals
  • Warranty of Performance

Read more details about these incredible features below.

Cyber 631 also offers the ISS (formerly FICO) Cyber Risk Report separately:

  • Powerful tool to examine and manage cyber risk
  • Vet and monitor Vendor Supply Chain cybersecurity posture

ISS (FICO) Cyber Risk Score & Audit

An “Outside-In” Cyber Risk Assessment Score representing likelihood of a material breach within 12 months. Full report identifying areas of cyber risk that need attention. Includes an ongoing monthly ISS (FICO) score and report to monitor changes in cyber risk.

Automated Detection & Protection

ESET provides comprehensive Network Protection, Firewall, Real Time File System Protection, Host Intrusion Prevention System, Mobile Device Protection, Internet Protection, Web Access, Email Client Protection, Anti-Spam and Anti-Phishing Protection, and Ransomware protection.

Remediation Solutions

ESET identifies risks and will quarantine or eliminate the cyber risk. In addition, cyber intrusion experts on call to assist with remediation efforts as needed.

24/7/365 Emergency Response

If a breach event does occur, you have a hotline to call for support in determining the extent of the breach, guidance on remediation and complete support for identifying and executing notifications to affected individuals in accordance with relevant breach laws and regulations.

On-Call Legal & Consulting Professionals

Access to highly experienced consultants offering a wide and constantly evolving set of data risk and information security management services.

Warranty of Performance

CYBER 631 will match up to $25,000 of claims paid by your Cyber Insurance carrier due to a breach to compensate you for any consequential damages you incurred without being subject to audit of actual loss.

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